Proudly Independent

Our purpose is to make it better.

That goes for power and broadband, products, service or the industry in general.

We’re led by the desire to improve things.

Our journey

It started with three schoolmates from Whakatāne who wanted to improve the power industry for customers.

Harnessing the data from smart meters led to innovations like the Hour of Power, and our MoveMaster plan.

We're now serving over 80,000 Kiwis, who we’re proud to have saved over 30 million dollars.

Our tech

All of our tech has been developed in-house.

This means we’re able to pass on savings and improve the experience for our customers.

Our goal is to do everything online, and our tech makes us smarter and more efficient.

Our awards

We work extremely hard to deliver a simple, honest and affordable service.

It’s a welcome bonus when
we manage to snag a few awards along the way.

Our energy future

The energy transition promises exciting innovations to help us reduce environmental impact and power bills.

Hot water automation, battery optimisation trials and our
brand new Green Meter are just the beginning.

Keeping the industry honest

Improving things isn't just about what we do internally.

We're not afraid to call out the big guys when needed - or the industry in general.

Kiwis deserve the best deal possible for both power and broadband, and that's exactly what we'll keep fighting for.

Our social media

The latest offers, highlighting issues in the power industry, plus more than a few laughs. There’s even chances to win.

Go and follow us to see what’s happening at Electric Kiwi.




Our people

If you've seen a few of our ads, then you've had a sneak peek into what it can be like working at Electric Kiwi.

We aim to offer the best service for our customers, and to be a great place to work too.

Find out more about the people behind Electric Kiwi on LinkedIn.

Our ads

Kiwi summers, awkward friendships, plus the song you know and (mostly) love.

No huge budgets or massive crews, just our in-house team giving it a crack.

One month free broadband

For new broadband customers, when paired with MoveMaster or Kiwi power plans.

No sneaky contracts or notice periods, plus free modem rental.