Move it & save!

Cheaper off-peak rates and half price overnight (11pm-7am). Plus a massive 12.5c/kWh solar buyback rate!

Moving power off-peak on the MoveMaster plan can reduce your impact & save you money.

Save money

Peak electricity demand is in the morning and evening when the most expensive generation tends to run. With the MoveMaster plan you can save with cheaper off-peak rates.

Peaks create more infrastructure needs, so by reducing yours you can help all Kiwis save over time.

Save carbon

Carbon emissions from electricity generation are generally higher during peak periods. By moving power off-peak you're more likely to be using cleaner generation.

We reckon that reducing your carbon usage up front is better than off-setting it later, so get moving and reduce those peaks!

Going EV?

Fill ’er up for half price at night with MoveMaster (11pm-7am).

Plus we have a range of exciting partnerships to help you get the most from your EV.

Our energy future

The energy transition promises exciting innovations to help us reduce environmental impact and power bills.

We’re now running hot water automation & battery optimisation trials, and present our brand new Green Meter.


  • The peak time slots are between 7am-9am and 5pm-9pm daily.
  • The off-peak shoulder time slots are between 9am-5pm and 9pm-11pm every day.
  • The off-peak night time slot is between 11pm-7am daily.
  • Power used during off-peak night is half the price of peak.

Go Solar

You'll get great value from your solar with a buyback rate on all Electric Kiwi plans.

Our best buyback rate of 12.5c/kWh is on the
MoveMaster plan.

Become a Master Mover

With a little practice you can be a master. Starts by moving anything that doesn't need to be done during peaks - washing, drying clothes or the electric blanket. Check out our blog for ideas to help you get started.

Hour of Power

All Electric Kiwi customers get an hour of free-off peak power every day. It’s another great way to get rewarded for moving your power to off-peak!

The Hour of Power can be used in both off-peak time slots.

Make a splash

Heat up the spa, or use your swimming pool pump during off-peak hours for even more savings.

It’s also a great way to take advantage of your free Hour of Power each day.

What are you waiting for?

Switch to the MoveMaster plan in 2 minutes. You’ll also get no contracts and an hour of free off-peak power everyday!

T&Cs apply